Diehlnet Communications, LLC.

Quality phone service
at a reasonable price
  • Caller ID lets you see who's calling before you answer the phone.
  • Call Forwarding allows your callers to reach you even when you aren't near your phone.
  • Voice mail allows callers to leave a message for you if you can't answer their call. It's like an answering machine in the cloud!
  • Call Blocking cuts down on nuisance and robo-dial calls.
  • Our auto attendant allows smaller businesses to look like bigger busineses. Your callers can dial directly to the person they need to contact. Present your callers with business hours and location information without occupying members of your staff.
  • Our Time-of-Day and Day-of-Week call routing system allows your incoming calls to automatically forward to voicemail or on-call staff.
  • We can also support your fax machine.